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Faculty Directory




Administration & Support Staff

Allred_Chris Allred, Chris, Math    (Website)                          Taylor_Rusty Rusty Taylor, Principal
Black_Fran   Black, Fran,  SPED Keate_Justin  Justin Keate, Assistant Principal
Blair_Russ  Blair, Russ,  Chemistry  Thunder Hammer Logo Eric Christensen, Assistant Principal
Bleak_Eric Bleak, Eric,  Animal Science  (Website) Troy Coil Troy Coil, Athletic Director, Assistant Principal
Bliss_Wendy  Bliss, Wendy,  Math  (Website) Thunder Hammer Logo  Kyle Campbell,  TSA Assistant Principal
Brickey_Shelly Brickey, Shelly,   Math  (Website) Sanders_Anne  Anne Sanders, Head Counselor (N-Sa)
Bringhurst, Jared,  – Physics Thunder_Hammer  Ester Pugmire,  Counselor  (A-C)
Porter_Brielle  Brosier, Brielle,   History   (Website) JJ Esplin – Counselor  (C-H)
Brown_Linda Brown, Linda,  IT/Computer Prog.  (Website) Wade_Ginger Ginger Wade, Counselor  (I-M)
Burkett_Jill Burkett, Jill,  English Thunder_Hammer Scott Henrie – Counselor (Sb-Z)
Thunder_Hammer Callahan, Ben, Chemistry Linton_Officer Officer Steve Linton, School Resource Officer
Candland_Kirsten  Candland, Kirsten,  Orchestra  (Website)  Sullivan_Laurie Laurie Sullivan, Administrative Secretary
  Christensen, Marcee,   Drill Whitehead_Lori  Lori Whitehead, Registrar
Thunder_Hammer  Christensen, Sharon,   PE Lytle_Mitzi Mitzi Lytle, Athletic Secretary
Christenson_Dow Christenson, Dow,  Math  (Website) Lewis_Julie Julie Lewis, Attendance Secretary
Crandall_Lou  Crandall, Lou,   Photography (Website)  Jackson_Connie Connie Jackson, Finance Secretary
Curtis, Sandy, SPED Sharleen Hammer Sharleen Hammer, Receptionist
Davis_Tierra  Davis, Tierra,   FACS  (Website) Nikki Salay, Receptionist/ SPED Secretary
Denos_Ron Denos, Ron,  PE Thunder Hammer Logo Terrance Clancey, Technology Specialist
Deschamps_Mindy Deschamps, Mindy,   Ceramics    
Dixon_Robyn Dixon, Robyn,  AP & US History    
Dyer_Laurie Dyer, Laurie,  Math  (Website)    
Enos_Kathy Enos, Kathy,  Gov’t/Fin. Lit  (Website)    
Logan Fielding Fielding, Logan, Student Gov/Learning Coach    
Franke_Carl Franke, Carl,   Financial Lit  (Website)    
Gardner_Tim Gardner, Tim,  SPED    
Gubler_Kathy Gubler, Kathy,   English  (Website)    
Hadley-Hulet, Aria,  Ag Science    
Jensen, Melvin,  Automotive    
Thunder Hammer Logo King, Deborah,  ASL    
Langston_Janelle Langston, Janelle,  Business    
Linton_Officer Linton, Steve,    Intro To Law Enforcement    
Lowe_Karen Lowe, Karen,  English/Lit.  (Website)    
Thunder Hammer Logo Lowe, Ryan,    English/Lit    
Matthews_Lynn Matthews, Lynn,  Media Center  (Website)    
Marre, Teresa, SPED (Website)    
May_Sharon May, Sharon,  English  (Website)    
McArthur_Jace McArthur, Jace,  History  (Website)    
Thunder Hammer Logo McPherson, Marla,   English/Lit    
McArthur_Kacee McArthur, Kacee,  Spanish    
Mendenhall_Shelley Mendenhall, Shelley,  FACS  (Website)    
Mildenhall_Richard Mildenhall, Rich,   Japanese  (Website)    
Thunder Hammer Logo Mohler, Jennifer,  English/Lit    
Miller_Janessa  Miller, Janessa,   English    
Thunder Hammer Logo Murdoch, Mark,   Weights    
Nelson_Teena  Nelson, Teena,  Math  (Website)    
Neville_Janna Neville, Janna,  English    
Norton_Shaun  Norton, Shaun,  Ath. Trainer/Health    
Pack, Kristy, US History & World Civ  (Website)    
Paul_Hans  Paul, Hans,  German    
Pearce_Courtney  Pearce, Courtney,  Dance  (Website)    
Thunder_Hammer Phillips, Brayden,  US Gov & Cit    
Quilter_Ron Quilter, Ron,  Biology  (Website)    
Thunder Hammer Logo Quinn, JD,  Math    
Reading_Victor Reading, Victor,  Welding    
Richardson_Patty Richardson, Patty,  Psychology  (Website)    
Robinson_Taylor Robinson, Taylor,  Biology    
Rogers_Ani Rogers, Ani,  Drama/Film  (Website)    
Thunder Hammer Logo Schlinkmann, Katie,   Biology    
Shakespeare_Jerilynn Shakespeare, Jerilynn,  Art  (Website)    
Smith_Derek Smith, Derek,  Graphic Arts    
Swaney_Jill Swaney, Jill,  PE/Sociology    
Turley_Wade Turley, Wade,  Health    
Wallace, Diane,  Spanish    
Wilson_Steve Wilson, Steve,  Woodworking    
Winslow_Mike Winslow, Mike,   Band  (Website)    
Woolf_Joe Woolf, Joe,   Choir  (Website)    

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Mission Statement
Desert Hills High School is a community of lifelong learners held to high standards of academic scholarship, integrity, self-discipline and citizenship.